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Pizza Styles

Classic (a.k.a. New York Style)

This pizza is an American Classic.  It's round.  It's thin.  It's delicious.   


Sicilian "Square"

Sicilian pizza is Square and has a much thicker crust when compared to the Classic.  Famous in Jersey and New York, the Square is another Northeastern Superstar.  Taking a page out of history and doing exactly what the great pizza makers of all time have done for years, we put the cheese down first and then lay the sauce on top (a.k.a. Trenton "Tomato Pie" Style)


Chicago Deep Dish

We are using a traditional recipe that sticks to standards requiring using an All Purpose Flour and a Special Corn Blend that produces a crunchy yet tender crust that's filled with everything we love about the famous Chicago Deep Dish style.  


Traditional Chicago flavors include our house-made sausage, house-made meatball, and Spinach & Ricotta.



The Detroit is like a Sicilian but very different in flavor and bite. 


To get it right, we use traditional blue steel 10" x 14" pans and bake it just long enough to caramelize the classic Detroit Brick and Cheddar Cheese combination so all of the cheese sticks to the side of the crust.  If you never tried it, you should know that the cheese on the Detroit Style is both crunchy and chewy. The Detroit finished with two racing stripes of tomato sauce. 

Nonna (a.k.a. Grandma)

The Nonna is a modest home-style pizza that you are going to love.  The crust is exceptionally soft on top yet very crispy on the bottom.  The Nonna is lightly topped with some fresh mozzarella, hand-crushed tomatoes, and a bit of fresh garlic.



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